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Concrete One Ltd., Leader in Commercial Paving and Concrete Construction in Toronto, Announces Commercial Paving Tips for Summer

Concrete One Ltd. (www.ConcreteOneLtd.com), an industry leader in paving and concrete construction and installation across the GTA, is announcing its expert seasonal tips on paving and repaving commercial parking lots this summer.

"Between winter frost and spring rains, parking lots can take a lot of punishment," says Frank Giglio, owner of Concrete One Ltd. "Pavement can crack, pot holes can form, and even the paint and yellow lines can begin to fade. Summer offers more stable weather, so it's a great time to get work done on a parking lot, whether you're repaving or installing a brand new one. The parking lot is the first part of your business that the customer experiences. Making sure it's in good condition is therefore extra important. It won't matter how nice your storefront is if the customer has to navigate a pitted, faded parking lot to enter."

Summer also means people are more likely to be away on vacation. Since asphalt takes at least three to five days to properly settle and cool over a large area like a parking lot, this decline in activity can be to the property owner's advantage. "It's important to start your paving project during a low activity period. Otherwise, you'll end up with blemishes from where the surface is marred by wheels and feet," Giglio warns.

Giglio notes that it is also advisable to inform other nearby businesses, so they know in advance that they will be receiving extra parking use while the lot cools. Alternate arrangements may need to be made so delivery drivers and employees can also arrive properly.

"Working out how to handle customer or employee parking in advance is both polite and important," Giglio advises. "One way is a 'quid-pro-quo' agreement where, in exchange for letting your customers park there while the paving is going on, you'll do the same if they get any repaving work done in the future."

Once a parking lot has been constructed or repaved, vigilance will be needed to ensure it stays in top condition: "A proper sealer will protect the lot from weather and sun damage, sure, but personal action will be needed to keep it in top form," Giglio adds.

This means that property owners will need to be vigilant for oil stains, cracks, and any weeds that begin growing through the asphalt. "If dealt with quickly, they are minor issues that are cleared up with little effort," Giglio assures property owners, concluding, "If left alone, however, they'll compromise the integrity of the asphalt and cause more widespread damage. Being proactive is key and a good paving and concrete company can help you identify additional problem areas before bigger concerns crop up."

Concrete One Ltd. is a family-owned and -operated paving and concrete construction company that has been in operation for over 30 years and three generations. They have performed numerous commercial landscaping, paving, and concrete construction projects across the GTA and employ environmental best practices to minimize any impact their work may have on the natural world. More information about Concrete One Ltd. and the commercial services they provide can be found on their web site at www.concreteoneltd.com.

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