A Heated Driveway The Best Option for Winters in Canada

heated driveway, the best thing for life in canada. From ConcreteOne

Change Your Winter Routine for the Better with a Heated Driveway

If a home is more than just a house, then what does that make a driveway? Well, if you have a heated driveway then you know for certain it is much more than just a driveway. A heated driveway will change the way that you spend the winter.

Instead of waking up early to shovel the driveway, you’ll sleep in.

Instead of freezing in a snowstorm digging your car out of the garage, you’ll be inside with your feet up enjoying a fire.

A heated driveway is a lifestyle choice. Consider how many hours per year you spend shoveling your driveway, the aches and pains associated from over-lifting with your lower body, or how much money you spend hiring someone else to do it for you. Now multiply that year after year after year. Installing a heated driveway is more expensive than a conventional driveway, but it is a long-term investment that pays dividends by saving you time and money.

Health Benefits of Heated Driveways

Shoveling snow is more than just a literal pain in the back. In some cases, shoveling snow can actually be a health risk. Shoveling can be downright dangerous for people who are at risk of a heart attack or other related issues. In fact, hundreds of people die from cardiac-related injuries associated with snow shoveling.

Not shoveling your driveway can be equally problematic. Even a small slip on some ice, snow or slush could result in a serious injury, and if someone else slips then it could lead to an expensive lawsuit. shovelling shoveling

Benefits of a heated driveway

In addition to the convenience, a heated driveway will:

  • Prevent snow, slush, and ice build-up
  • Reduce the risk of slips and falls
  • Reduce health risks and injuries associated with shoveling snow
  • Eliminate the need to use harmful salt or winter chemicals, which can degrade traditional driveways and harm plants, animals, and the environment.
  • Look great (they are indistinguishable from other driveways – except for the fact that they don’t have any snow!)

How does a heated driveway work?

A heated driveway melts snow and ice by warming the surface material as soon as it falls, preventing it from building up.  To heat the surface there are two types of mechanisms. The first uses an electric current to produce heat similar to many indoor heated floors. The second system utilizes pipes and pumps to circulate warm water underneath the surface.

The concept is pretty simple, but it can be a complex job. One mistake could mean that you have to rip up your brand new driveway. That is why you should only trust experienced and expert professionals to do the job for you.

Is a heated driveway right for you?

A heated driveway is a great investment for anyone located in a snowy, winter climate like Canada. If you are sick of waking up early to shovel the driveway, fed up with paying people to do the work for you or just don’t want to take the risk of slipping on ice, then a heated driveway is perfect for you.

If you are considering a heated driveway then get in touch with Concrete One, before the snow begins to fall!