Professional Foundation Parging Repair Services in the GTA

A home's foundation is not impregnable. The concrete of that foundation can crack or rust from a mixture of weather exposure, water infiltration, and age. Concrete One Ltd. can employ concrete and cement parging techniques to apply a protective layer of parge—a mortar-based coating similar to stucco—to your foundation to increase its resilience to water and the elements.


Our Parging Techniques

Our parging techniques begin with clearing the foundation surface of stains and any brittle materials. The surface is then lightly moistened to prepare the concrete or cement for the application of the parging mix. Next, we apply a coat of our parge mixture to the foundation, smoothing it over to create a connected surface that fills in any air voids and bug holes. This not only levels the concrete, but our parging techniques allow us to texture this coating to further any design ambitions. We take care to maintain a regular temperature as the parging dries to avoid compromising the mixture. Once the parge dries, we can apply additional weatherproofing coatings to further its resilience. The result is a continuous layer of protection to ensure the foundation of your home stays strong.


Parging Foundation Repair

While it will protect the underlying concrete or cement foundation from the elements, the parging itself is not impregnable. Over time, it is not uncommon for minor damage like small cracks, nicks, or partially detached material to occur; we can quickly and easily remedy these matters by making the application of some quick-setting cement part of our foundation parging repair services. In order to restore a smooth, uniform texture, we can also resurface the area with the use of a thin parging coat. This parging repair service is done as part of our commitment to detailed quality and customer satisfaction.

Parging Tips

  • Although it is possible to paint over parging, caution should be used when doing so. For instance, paint with a watertight finish can inadvertently trap moisture underneath and hasten the parging's deterioration. It is also difficult to replace parging over a painted surface, as the cement won't adhere as well.
  • If the foundation wall has any exterior insulation, a metal or fiberglass panel needs to be secured through the insulation to the foundation itself before parging can be applied.
  • Each parging layer shouldn't be more than 3/8 of an inch thick.
  • The parging should be lightly moistened as it dries; this slows down the drying process to reduce the chance of any cracks or flakes developing.

Why Us?

Concrete One Ltd. has over 30 years of concrete and cement experience and knowledge that has been passed down and refined over three generations. Our drive for quality results and a desire to provide top customer service is what has made us a top concrete and cement contractor for both residential and commercial buildings across the GTA. Concrete parging and foundation parging repair services are just two of the many services the talented and experienced contractors at Concrete One Ltd. can provide. Contact us today for more information.