Concrete One Ltd. offers affordable rates for concrete paving and stonework for a variety of exterior and interior applications. From the front yard to the backyard, or even indoors, there are many ways in which our concrete and stone can improve your property.

For those wishing to landscape their exterior, we can create detailed walkways, pool surface areas, patios, and porch coverings. Businesses will appreciate our work on concrete ramps and curbs to better guide traffic around their building.

Concrete One Ltd. is experienced in asphalt paving as well. We use quality materials on your driveway or parking lot and ensure the property is usable as soon as possible once the project is complete. Moreover, heated driveways are available for those who want to take the work out of winter shovelling.

Our services aren't limited to the outdoors, either. We are more than happy to provide concrete floors for your basement or garage. Retaining walls and pillars can also be created to add some structurally sound style to the indoors.

Interested in a quote or looking for more information on our applications? Call us at 647-975-7283 today.