Plain and Coloured Concrete Finishing

Mountain View

Concrete One Ltd. offers a number of different finishes on all our products to further improve their feel and style, creating a better match to your vision.

Concrete has a naturally heavy texture. This increases grip and has anti-slip properties, making it useful for walkways or driveways. However, applying a finishing technique can further improve the strength and longevity of the concrete and may be required to meet your desired aesthetic. We make use of a variety of tools to ensure strong, healthy concrete with a beautiful finish.

  • Trowels: A trusty tool, we use trowels to produce a dense, smooth surface over both large and small areas.
  • Floats: Picture a very wide, metal mop; this is essentially a float. Floats are used to level ridges and fill voids helping further embed any aggregates that are used.
  • Brooms: For as long as humans have used concrete, they've used broom finishes. Using a broom helps add grip to a surface and is valuable when finishing walkways or driveways. Different bristle materials can be used to produce various types of textures as well.

Through the use of spin float, trowel, and broom techniques, Concrete One Ltd. can provide consistently even and refined finishes for your concrete. If specific looks are desired, we can even saw-cut concrete to imitate stones to tailor it to any custom request.

So if you’re considering adding a specific finish to your next project, call on the experts at Concrete One Ltd. For a quote or more information, call us today at 647-975-7283.