Top Paving Contractors in Mississauga

Preferable Paving Contractors

Concrete One Ltd. is a third-generation leader in driveway paving, installation, and repair throughout Mississauga. Whether you want repairs, refurbishment, repaving, or to create a completely new space, we can provide the skill and experience you need.

When you get our hot, mixed asphalt, you receive a plethora of benefits. Not only is asphalt strong and durable, but it’s engineered to withstand freezing and thawing; this means asphalt driveways are designed to have enough “give” to tolerate frost buildup.

Our asphalt is also able to handle weight with ease. We will tailor you driveway or parking lot installation to your needs so the asphalt can withstand any expected weight without cracking. This is true regardless of if it’s for a driveway holding a single car or for a parking lot expecting hundreds of vehicles and delivery trucks.

High-Quality Paving Services and Solutions

We at Concrete One Ltd. take care when performing every driveway or parking lot installation project. Our asphalt is applied evenly and in thick, industry-standard layers so our customers are never stuck with uneven and vulnerable surfaces.

As part of our best practices as paving contractors, we take the necessary steps to preserve the parking lot or driveway installation, even after the paving work is finished. We make use of sealing coats to improve longevity and protect integrity, an additional level of protection that means maintenance is only needed every few years as opposed to months.

Residential and Commercial Paving Services

Our expert paving services are perfect for any Mississauga home or business. Whether you want a refurbished or heated driveway installation to make clearing snow an effortless endeavour or to add walkways or flooring, our concrete is there for you. We even perform paving maintenance to mend minor cracks and pits so your concrete stays in top form year after year. Click here to learn more about the different ways our concrete can work for your Mississauga paving solutions.

Part of our skilled service means reasonable time frames; even the largest parking lot projects can be completed in just a few days, and driveway installations can usually be done in an afternoon. Our professional paving contractors will work quickly to minimize the impact on your home or business so you don't get stuck standing around.

Expert Advice

Hiring Concrete One Ltd. means getting three generations’ worth of residential and commercial paving know-how. We gladly offer advice on how to best maintain and preserve the integrity of your driveway or parking lot installation so it stays firm and smooth for as long as possible.

Why We are the Best Paving Contractors

Concrete One Ltd. became the top paving contractor for Mississauga by honing techniques and practices over three generations of family-run business. We pride ourselves in fostering an extreme attention to detail and are always striving to make customers happy with the final product. We are also committed to eco-friendly practices to ensure that while your paving project lasts, the environmental impact won't. Contact us for more information today!